You have trusted professionals at PACIFIC DIAMOND when buying your jewelry and fine watches. Why not turn to us when you are trying to sell some of your older or lesser used items? With gold buying shops popping up then shutting down just as quickly we want our customers to be assured that they can have someone they can trust. For this reason we have decided to add buying, trading-in, and consigning to the list of services we provide. We are interested in a wide variety of items including but not limited to; platinum, gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, coins, Swiss watches, vintage or antique watches, and jewelry.

When you bring your items in to sell, they will be verbally appraised and a cash offer to purchase them will be made on the spot. As Ted always says, “Do your research, shop around….. save us for last.” We employ several professionals as well as a Graduate Gemologist because we want you to feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that you are getting the most cash for your items.

Trading-in your item to upgrade or choosing jewelry to coordinate with your current style is another option for you. When trading-in a piece of jewelry for store credit, the value will be slightly more than the cash value. By giving you store credit instead we can give you more for your item because you are investing the money back into our company. PACIFIC DIAMOND has a great Trade-In program!

Consignment is an option for you to place your item in our showcase for a previously agreed upon price. Our knowledgeable Graduate Gemologist will assist you in determining a reasonable price. This eliminates the stress of meeting with strangers and risking loss, damage, theft, or personal injury during the sales process. If you would like to have your item placed in our showcase to be sold on consignment, we will collaborate with you to find a price that is fair for both you and us.

Our associates will assist you in determining the best option so you receive the largest return on your investment.